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The Chat module allows visitors of a website to communicate with each other in real time by means of text messages. Chat users can gather in chat rooms of various types, as well as talk one-on-one without interruption of other users. Also included is an option to set up live customer support chat featuring operator notifications in CMS Desk and predefined (canned) responses. Other features include graphic smileys, BBCode tags and integration with the Bad words module.


The module comes as a set of web parts that can be either placed on a single page, allowing all the features to be accessed at one place, or spread across multiple pages to separate individual components (e.g. the log-on page, chat room list, etc.).


This chapter describes the user interface of the module, which is located in CMS Desk -> Tools -> Chat.


To quickly configure chat on your site, follow the steps described in the Quick start topic in the Developer's guide.


You can find details about the Chat module in its dedicated chapter in the Developer's guide.