Kentico CMS 6.0 E-commerce Guide

Kentico CMS E-commerce module

Kentico CMS E-commerce module

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Kentico CMS E-commerce module

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The Kentico CMS E-commerce module provides you with a range of out-of-box solutions for your E-business. The task of developing and managing the e-business website, once painfully slow and complex, has been diminished to little more than few clicks.


For customers, the built-in E-commerce module offers a possibility of making purchase on-line through the integrated shopping cart, checking orders status, subscribing to a newsletter etc.


For site owners, the module offers tools for managing orders, shipping and payment options, products or manufactures lists and much more.


It supports:


Product management

Product options management

Custom product types

Product image gallery

Product inventory

Order management

Customer management

Multiple currencies

Configurable tax calculation based on country and state

Discount coupons

Discount levels

Volume discounts

Wish list

Custom providers for alternative shipping and tax calculations

Custom checkout process

Built-in payment processors, such as PayPal, Authorize.NET

Custom payment processors

Reports and statistics