Subscriber import and export

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When handling a large amount of subscribers, creating or modifying them one by one would be very slow and inefficient. The import and export functionality provides a way to perform mass actions or get subscriber data using specially formatted text.


Importing subscribers


The importing or modification of subscribers can be carried out using the CMS Desk -> Tools -> Newsletters -> Import subscribers dialog.




A list of subscribers needs to be prepared in the following format:




Copy it to the 'List of subscribers to be processed' text area. Each line should contain one record in the mentioned format. The following examples are all valid:;David;Scott;;Jones;Frank


Clicking Import adds the subscribers from the list and performs the selected action. If one of the lines contains an invalid entry, the import is not processed for any of the records and an error is displayed. If a subscriber e-mail address already exists, the first name and last name are updated instead of creating a new subscriber.


By selecting one of the three radio buttons above the text area and adding some newsletters using the Add newsletters button below, the following actions can be done:


Subscribe imported users to the selected newsletters - subscribes imported users to the selected newsletters
Do not subscribe existing users to selected newsletters - if checked, users with already existing e-mail addresses will not be subscribed to the selected newsletters, only their names will be updated
Unsubscribe the users from selected newsletters - entered users will be unsubscribed from the newsletters selected below
Delete the subscribers - entered users will be deleted from the list of subscribers


Exporting subscribers


If you need to export the list of subscribers to some other application, you can export them using the CMS Desk -> Tools -> Newsletters -> Export subscribers dialog.


You can choose if you want to export all subscribers (do not specify any newsletter) or only subscribers of chosen newsletter(s). The subscribers are exported in format:




Then you can copy and paste the list of subscribers from the textbox to your application.


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