Subscriber management

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You can manage subscribers at CMS Desk -> Tools -> Newsletters -> Subscribers.




On this page, you can see a list of all subscribers of all of the website's newsletters. You can filter these by name or e-mail, by entering the desired value into the appropriate filter field and clicking the Show button.


By clicking the Delete (Delete) icon next to a subscriber record, you can remove the subscriber from the list and consequently from all newsletters they are subscribed to.


By clicking the Edit (Edit) icon next to a subscriber record, you can change the subscriber's details on the General tab. You have the same options here as when creating a new subscriber.




On the Subscriptions tab, you can select which newsletters this subscriber will be subscribed to. If you check the Send e-mail confirmation to the subscriber check-box, a notification e-mail will be sent to the user, informing them about the subscription changes.




Alternatively, subscribers of individual newsletters can be managed at CMS Desk -> Tools -> Newsletters -> Newsletters -> ... edit (Edit) Newsletter ... -> Subscribers. This tab displays a list similar to the one on the main Subscribers tab, but it only contains subscribers of the current newsletter. Clicking the Delete (Delete) icon here doesn't completely remove a subscriber from the system, only from the current newsletter.




If you need to add or modify a large amount of subscribers, the Import subscribers tab described in the Subscriber import and export topic provides an easier way.


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