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The Reporting module allows you to create internal reports to watch the activity in the Kentico CMS system and on websites, such as recently created documents, expired documents, website visits, user registration etc. The data the module uses is gathered from the database by using SQL queries and can be displayed in highly customizable reports including tables and graphs.


Report categories are used to group related reports together. See the Managing report categories topic for more details.


The following topics provide more details and examples on how reports can be created and used:


Creating a new report
Defining report parameters
Saving a report
Displaying a report on a web site


The Security topic describes how permissions can be set for the module.


The Reporting internals and API sub-chapter provides information about the database tables and classes used by the module and examples of how reports can be accessed using the API.


Reports are also used by the Web analytics module, which you can learn more about at Modules -> Web analytics.


Reports can be managed in CMS Desk -> Tools -> Reporting.


Page url: http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/5_5r2/devguide/index.html?reporting_module_overview.htm