Displaying a report on a website

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If you want to display some report on the website or include it in some custom page in the CMS administration interface, you can use the Reporting -> Report web part. All you need to configure are the following properties:


Report name - select the required report
Display filter - indicates if a filter should be displayed on the page (if the report has some parameters specified)




1. To display this report on your website, switch to the Content tab of CMS Desk. Select the root of your website and create a new Page (menu item) type document. Name it Reports, select Create a blank page, choose the Simple layout and click Save.


2. Now add the Reporting/Report web part to the page's web part zone and set its properties to the following:


Report name - select Pages by page template
Display filter - enabled


3. Now go to Live site mode and you should see something similar to the following:




As you can see, the report is displayed just like on the View tab of the Report Properties dialog and the parameter filter can be used by site visitors.


Page url: http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/5_5r2/devguide/index.html?displaying_report_on_a_web_site.htm