Managing blog posts

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This chapter describes some additional options that you have when creating or editing a blog post.


Save local draft


Current local version of the blog post is saved as blog post local draft; each blog post can have only one local draft. This action doesn’t propagate any changes into the CMS.




Post draft to blog


Current local version of the blog post is posted to blog, but its local draft is not removed. Depending on workflow settings, the following two situations can occur in the CMS:


a)Blog post document is under workflow - new minor version of the blog post is created (posted version is not published)
b)Blog post document is not under workflow - blog post is published immediately; this means that this action is identical to the Publish action, i.e. the Post draft to blog action makes sense only in case that workflow is enabled for blog post documents






Current local version of the blog post is posted to blog and published immediately. Local draft of the published blog post is automatically removed.






The tag selector in WLW enables you to tag the blog post with tags from the parent blog's Kentico CMS tag group.The tag group of the blog post itself is not reflected here at all.




Publish date


You can specify a date here, which will be propagated into the Publish from field on the Form tab in CMS Desk. The value determines the date and time when the blog post gets published on the live site. It will be converted to the user’s time zone before it is set as the Publish from property of the blog post in Kentico CMS. If no time is set here, the blog post is published immediately.




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