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The Geo mapping module allows you to display maps on your site and also display content on these maps. The module has no administration interface and consists only of 3 web parts and 3 widgets derived from these web parts. The web parts or widgets can be found under the Maps category in the web part or widget selection dialog.




You can see these web parts configured and working on the sample Corporate Site, under the /Examples/Webparts/Maps node of the content tree.


What it is good for


The module can be used for many scenarios in which a geographical position is the key information:


show your offices
show your stores
show your partners
show real estates you offer


You can use it to display virtually any content that has a location. The only requirement is that you tag your content with longitude and latitude.


An example of how to display content on the map can be found in this topic.


How to get longitude and latitude for a given place


You can use some on-line service that allows you to enter the country, city and street and shows you its longitude and latitude. One such service is available for example at http://world.maporama.com.


Available providers


You can choose from three different map providers:


Bing Maps (originally Live Maps)
Google Maps
Yahoo Maps


Each of these providers has its dedicated web part and widget. Click on the particular map provider to learn more.


Page url: http://devnet.kentico.com/docs/5_5r2/devguide/index.html?geomapping_overview.htm