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The Google maps web part enables displaying of a map with defined location markers using the Google maps service. It uses Google maps API v3, which is described in detail in the following location:


The Google maps widget is derived from the web part. It provides the same functionality and look, while only a limited set of properties can be configured.


You can find an example of use of this web part on the Corporate Site sample website, on the /Examples/WebParts/Maps/Google maps page. In the screenshot below, you can see how the web part looks on page load. It shows the location markers (learn here how to display them on the map). The map is zoomed according to the settings made by the Large view scale property and its middle point is on the coordinates specified by the Default latitude and Default longitude properties.




The screenshot below shows how the web part looks when one of the location markers is clicked. The map gets zoomed according to the value of the Detailed view scale property and a tooltip is displayed, showing the heading loaded from the document type field specified in the Tooltip field property and the rest of the content loaded using the transformation specified in the Transformation property.




If you enable the Enable keyboard shortcuts property, the following shortcuts can be used to control the map:


Up Arrow - move a little north
Down Arrow - move a little south
Left Arrow - move a little west
Right Arrow - move a little east


Page Up - move a large step north
Page Down - move a large step south
Home - move a large step west
End - move a large step east


Plus Sign (+) - zoom in
Minus Sign (-) - zoom out


Detailed descriptions of all properties of the web part can be found in Kentico CMS Web Parts Reference or directly in the Web part properties dialog after clicking the Documentation Documentation link at the top right corner of the dialog.


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