What can be synchronized

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The Content staging module supports synchronization of the following data:


Document data - documents in the content tree
Document attachments – if a document contains document attachments or file fields, the files are synchronized together with the document
Document relationships – if specified relationship and related document exist on the target server, the relationship is also synchronized
Workflow process – only published document versions are synchronized to the target server and both servers need to have the same workflow schemas defined
Custom tables and data stored in them
Media libraries and the files and folders in them
Global objects - all global objects except the ones listed in the list of not-supported data below


The Content staging module does not support synchronization of the following data:


BizForms data, the forms themselves are synchronized
Forum posts, the forums themselves are synchronized
Message board messages, the boards themselves are synchronized
Blog comments, the blogs and blog posts are synchronized
Messaging module messages
ACLs (document-level permissions)
Abuse reports
Web analytics
Export history
Event log
Web templates


Staging of Media libraries content


Kentico CMS supports staging of the physical files and folders stored in the file system in a Media library. Staging tasks related to Media library files are logged in CMS Desk -> Tools -> Content Staging -> Objects.


You can limit the maximal size of synchronized media library files by adding the following key to the appSettings section of you web.config file. The value is entered in kiloBytes and files larger than the value will not be synchronized.


<add key="CMSMediaFileMaxStagingSize" value="1024" />


Please note:




Please note


Changes in media library files and folders are logged as content staging tasks only when performed via the UI. If you make some changes directly in the library folder in the file system (e.g. upload or update some files via FTP), the changes are not logged.


Also, if you make some change to a file via the UI and then update the file via FTP, the current file (the one updated via FTP) will be transferred to the target server, even if the staging task was created before the file upload. This happens because binary data of the files are loaded in synchronization time, not when the synchronization task is logged.



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