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The Newsletters module allows you to author and mail out e-mail newsletters. The newsletters can be of two types:


Static newsletters - you edit and send out every issue manually. The newsletters are based on predefined templates.
Dynamic newsletters - the e-mails are sent out to all subscribers at a specified interval. The content is dynamically taken from a specified page.


The following settings can be entered:


Newsletter display name

Name of the newsletter that is displayed in the user interface

Newsletter name

Name of the newsletter that is used in code

Subscription confirmation

Template used for subscription confirmation e-mails

Unsubscription confirmation

Template used for unsubscription confirmation e-mails

Sender name

Name of the sender used in newsletter e-mails

Sender e-mail

E-mail address from which the newsletters are sent

Newsletter template

Template used for static newsletter emails


Dynamic newsletters have the following additional settings:


Source page URL

The URL of the page that will be contained in the newsletter, such as for example

Schedule mail-outs

If enabled, the newsletter is automatically sent as defined by the following settings


The time interval used for sending the newsletter

Start time

The date and time when the newsletter will start being sent


The amount of time periods defined in the Period field between newsletter issues


The time interval during which newsletter issues are sent; only available for Minute and Hour Period settings


The days on which newsletter issues are sent


The day of the month(s) on which newsletter issues are sent; only available for the Month Period setting


More resources can be found at Developer's Guide -> Modules -> Newsletters -> Overview.


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