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Enable e-mails

If checked, e-mail sending is enabled. You can temporarily disable sending of e-mail by unchecking this checkbox, e.g. when performing some administration tasks.

Enable e-mail queue

If checked, the e-mail queue will be used for sending e-mails. If unchecked, e-mails will be sent the normal way.

Archive e-mails (days)

E-mails will remain on the CMS Site Manager -> Administration -> E-mail queue -> Sent e-mails tab in the e-mail queue for the number of days specified here. If set to 0, e-mails will not be archived.

SMTP server

IP address or name of the SMTP server used to send e-mails. Use localhost for your local SMTP server. Please include the port number (if it's not 25).

SMTP server user

User name for the SMTP authentication. Use this value only if your SMTP server requires authentication.

SMTP server password

Password for the SMTP authentication. Use this value only if your SMTP server requires authentication.


Indicates if e-mails should be sent over SSL.

E-mail encoding

Encoding of the workflow notification e-mails. If not specified, UTF-8 is used. Change this value only if you encounter issues with extended characters in your e-mails.

E-mail format

Format used for e-mail messages. You can choose between HTML and Plain text. When Both is selected and an e-mail template has both formats defined, HTML will be used for the e-mail text and plain text will be included as an attachment.

Delay between e-mail send out (milliseconds)

Delay between sending of two e-mail messages in milliseconds.

Generate newsletter e-mails if e-mails are disabled

If this option is enabled and e-mails are disabled, newsletter e-mails will be generated and saved into the E-mail queue.

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