SMTP server configuration

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If you want to send e-mails from the web application, you may need to configure the SMTP server.


After you finish the New site wizard, you can configure the SMTP server in Site Manager -> Settings -> E-mails. Here, you can set up the following values:


SMTP server - The name, address or IP address of your SMTP server, including the port number (if it's not 25).
SMTP server user - User name - use this value only if your SMTP server requires authentication.
SMTP server password - Password - use this value only if your SMTP server requires authentication.
E-mail encoding - Here you can enter the encoding of the e-mails. The default and recommended value is UTF-8. Change this value only if you encounter issues with extended characters in your e-mails.




If you experience any problem when sending e-mails through your own SMTP server that is part of IIS, please follow this guide:


1. Open Control Panels -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services console. Check that the SMTP server is installed and running:




2. Open SMTP server properties and choose the Access tab. Click Connection control and make sure that the local machine may access the SMTP server:




3. Click Relay restrictions and check that the local machine can relay through the SMTP server:






Testing E-mail Sending


You can test sending e-mails from Kentico CMS using the CMS Site Manager -> Administration -> System -> E-mail dialog.



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