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Log size

Number of events stored in the internal event log. If 0, logging is not used.

Default user ID

Default user ID that is used when no current user is defined.

Log metadata changes

If checked, metadata object changes will be logged to the Event log.

Scheduler interval

Determines how often the scheduler should check if there are any tasks ready to be executed. The interval is set in minutes.


If the scheduler is configured to check tasks only on page requests (by default), this field sets the minimum interval between checks.


Setting 0 stops the scheduling of tasks.

DB object schema

Database account that should be used as the owner of the newly created database tables (for custom document templates). The only values that make sense are either ‘dbo’ or the current database user. If not specified, the current database user is the owner of the tables.

Enable time zones

Indicates if time zone support is enabled.

Server time zone

Specifies the time zone of the physical location of the server.

Site time zone

Specifies the time zone of the selected site.

No-reply e-mail address

Various types of automated e-mails will be sent from the e-mail address that is specified here.

Error notification e-mail address

Error notifications from the Event log will be sent to this e-mail address.

Send e-mail notifications from

E-mail address used as the sender for e-mail notifications.

Show splash screen

Indicates if splash screen (title page with basic information for first time users) should be displayed after users log into the administration interface.

Hide unavailable user interface

Indicates if UI for unavailable modules should be hidden.


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