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CMS.Activities Namespace
Public classActivityBulkInsertPerformedHandler
Event handler for the event fired once the activities are inserted in bulk to the database.
Public classActivityEvents
Activity events.
Public classActivityFilteredOutHandler
Event handler for the event fired once the activities are filtered out before bulk processing.
Public classActivityInfo
ActivityInfo data container class.
Public classActivityInfoProvider
Class providing ActivityInfo management.
Public classActivityInitializerExtensions
Provides extension methods for IActivityInitializer for specifying the info's fields. These methods are designed to be used as chained calls.
Public classActivityInitializerWrapperBase
Provides wrapper for activity type and activity setting key for IActivityInitializer.
Public classActivityObjectMapper
Object used to map activity to its related objects, for example Forum post activity to related forum.
Public classActivityProcessedInLogServiceHandler
Event handler for the event fired once the activity is processed in IActivityLogService.
Public classActivitySettingsHelper
Provides comfortable access to settings keys for activities.
Public classActivityTitleBuilder
Provides methods to create activity title.
Public classActivityTypeInfo
ActivityTypeInfo data container class.
Public classActivityTypeInfoProvider
Class providing ActivityTypeInfo management.
Public classCustomActivityInitializerBase
Represents base class for custom activities.
Public classPredefinedActivityType
Predefined activity types constants.
Public classVisitorData
Represents visitor data such as customer, contact, user etc.
Public interfaceIActivityFactory
Provides possibility to create activities with basic data.
Public interfaceIActivityInfo
Defines contract for ActivityInfo.
Public interfaceIActivityInitializer
Provides possibility to initialize activity.
Public interfaceIActivityLogFilter
Can filter out logging of activities, logged through IActivityLogService.
Public interfaceIActivityLogService
Provides possibility to log activities.
Public interfaceIActivityLogValidator
Provides method for validating the IActivityInfo and determining, whether the IActivityInfo is valid to be logged or not. Validator can be register as global validator for all activities being logged and it is used in Log(IActivityInitializer, HttpRequestBase, Boolean) or LogWithoutModifiersAndFilters(IActivityInitializer).
Public interfaceIActivityModifier
Provides possibility to modify activity data. Can be registered in IActivityLogService.
Public interfaceIActivityQueue
Provides methods for storing of performed activities to the queue.
Public interfaceIActivityQueueProcessor
Provides method for processing the activity queue.
Public interfaceIActivityUrlService
Provides methods to get correct URL and URL referrer to insert in IActivityInfo.