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IActivityLogServiceLog Method
Logs given activity. Registered IActivityLogFilter are checked, activity is further processed only if all filters allow it. Then IActivityInfo is created and activityInitializer is called. Afterwards all registered modifiers are applied to the IActivityInfo. Finally the IActivityInfo is validated by registered IActivityLogValidator. Activity is stored only if it is valid. After the activity is stored, two events are fired.

Namespace: CMS.Activities
Assembly: CMS.Activities (in CMS.Activities.dll) Version: 12.0.0
void Log(
	IActivityInitializer activityInitializer,
	HttpRequestBase currentRequest,
	bool loggingDisabledInAdministration = true


Type: CMS.ActivitiesIActivityInitializer
Activity initializer used to initialize logged activity.
Type: System.WebHttpRequestBase
Current request
loggingDisabledInAdministration (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
True if activities should not be logged in administration.
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