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IWebAnalyticsServiceScriptsGenerator Interface
Service for generating JavaScript code which is able to call the external web service via AJAX. Before using the generated JS snippet, you need to manually create global WebServiceCall(url, method, parameters) JavaScript function either by calling ScriptHelper.RegisterWebServiceCallFunction(page) or manually.

Namespace: CMS.WebAnalytics
Assembly: CMS.WebAnalytics (in CMS.WebAnalytics.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public interface IWebAnalyticsServiceScriptsGenerator

The IWebAnalyticsServiceScriptsGenerator type exposes the following members.

Public methodGetLogBannerHitScript
Returns script which logs BannerHit asynchronously.
Public methodGetLogHitsParameters
Returns parameters of the LogHits call in JSON format.
Public methodGetLogHitsScriptWithSubstitute
Returns script which logs page views and other hits asynchronously. The script does not contain the actual parameters. There is a placeholder at the location where parameters would be and this placeholder should be replaced by the actual parameters before sending page output to the client browser. This two-step rendering is required, because of the output cache mechanism. At first, there is a universal script rendered and saved into cache. This universal script is then updated with values specific for the current request before sending HTTP response back to the client browser.
Public methodGetLogSearchScript
Returns script which logs Search statistics asynchronously.
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