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SearchIndexer Class
Base class for search indexer
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Namespace: CMS.Search
Assembly: CMS.Search (in CMS.Search.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public class SearchIndexer

The SearchIndexer type exposes the following members.

Public methodSearchIndexer
Protected methodDeleteItem
Deletes specific item from the index
Protected methodDocumentUpdate
Update specified document
Protected methodExecuteDeleteTask
Executes the search index delete task
Protected methodExecuteOptimizeTask
Executes the search optimize task
Protected methodExecuteProcessTask
Processes the search index task
Protected methodExecuteRebuildTask
Executes the search index rebuild task
Public methodExecuteTask
Executes the search index task
Protected methodExecuteUpdateTask
Executes the search index update task
Public methodFillSearchResult
Fills the data to the search result data row. Returns true, if the data was correctly filled
Public methodGetDataClassInfo
Returns the data class info for the given search document
Public methodGetRelevantIndexes
Gets the list of indexes relevant to the given object
Public methodGetSearchFields
Gets the collection of search fields. When no SearchFields colection is provided, new is created.
Public methodGetSearchImageUrl
Returns URL to current search result item.
Protected methodGetSearchIndexes
Returns dataset of index IDs for specific type
Public methodStatic memberGetSearchValue
Returns column value for current search result item.
Public methodCheckResultPermissions
Checks the permissions for the given result document
Public methodLoadResults
Loads the results to the given result collection
Protected methodLogBatchEnd
Logs the end of the batch processing.
Protected methodLogBatchStart(Int32, Int32)
Logs the start of batch processing.
Protected methodLogBatchStart(Int32, Int32, String)
Logs start of batch processeing.
Protected methodLogMessage
Appends line to the log context.
Protected methodLogTaskStart
Logs task started message to the log context.
Public methodPartialRebuild
Rebuilds part of the index
Public methodRebuild
Rebuilds the index
Protected methodSelectSearchDocument
Selects the search document based on the given ID
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