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WebPartZoneInstance Class
Web part zone instance. Keeps configuration data for parent web part.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.PortalEngine
Assembly: CMS.PortalEngine (in CMS.PortalEngine.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public class WebPartZoneInstance

The WebPartZoneInstance type exposes the following members.

Public propertyHasVariants
Indicates whether the web part zone has any variants.
Public propertyInstanceGUID
Instance GUID to identify the web part.
Public propertyIsVariant
Indicates if webpart instance is a variant of the original web part
Public propertyLayoutZone
If true, the zone is generated by layout.
Public propertyMacroTable
Hashtable with IsMacro flags.
Public propertyParentTemplateInstance
Parent PageTemplate instance for the zone.
Public propertyProperties
Web part properties table.
Public propertyVariantID
Gets or sets the variant id.
Public propertyVariantMode
Gets the variant mode which is used for the variants of this web part instance.
Public propertyWebParts
Web parts collection within the zone.
Public propertyWebPartsContainVariants
Indicates whether any of the zone web parts contains variants.
Public propertyWidgetZoneType
Widget zone type.
Public propertyXMLVersion
Gets or sets the zone instance XML version
Public propertyZoneID
Web part zone ID.
Public propertyZoneInstanceVariants
Gets the zone instance variant list.
Public methodAddWebPart(Int32, Int32)
Adds a web part instance of a specified type to the webparts.
Public methodAddWebPart(WebPartInstance, Int32)
Add the web part to the zone. If the web part is present in different zone, creates a copy of the web part.
Public methodClearValues
Clears the given properties
Public methodClone
Returns the cloned zone instance object.
Public methodCloneWebPart
Clones the web part.
Public methodEnsureWebPartInstanceIdentificators
Ensures web part ControlID and instance GUID for current zone
Public methodStatic memberGetUniqueWebPartId
Returns unique web part ID within the given Page template.
Public methodGetValue
Returns the value of the given webpart property property.
Public methodGetWebPart(Guid)
Returns the web part instance with specified GUID or null when not found.
Public methodGetWebPart(String, Boolean)
Returns the web part instance with specified ID or null when not found.
Public methodGetXmlNode
Returns the Xml node representing the zone configuration.
Public methodLoadVariants
Loads all the MVT/Content personalization variants for this zone instance.
Public methodRemoveAllWebParts
Removes all web parts from the schema.
Public methodRemoveWebPart
Removes the web part instance from the schema.
Public methodSetValue
Sets the property value of the control.
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