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CMSPagePlaceholder Class
Page content container.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.PortalControls
Assembly: CMS.PortalControls (in CMS.PortalControls.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public class CMSPagePlaceholder : CMSPlaceHolder, 
	ICMSPortalControl, INamingContainer, IPageManager

The CMSPagePlaceholder type exposes the following members.

Public methodCMSPagePlaceholder
Public methodCMSPagePlaceholder(CMSPortalManager)
Constructor, initializes the parent portal manager.
Protected fieldlblTitle
Control title.
Protected fieldmAllowDesignModeActions
If true, placeholder allows the design mode actions.
Protected fieldmCMSEditableControls
ArrayList of the editable controls located under current placeholder.
Protected fieldmDesignEnabled
If true, placeholder is enabled in design mode.
Protected fieldmChildPagePlaceholders
Child page placeholders.
Protected fieldmIsAuthorized
Indicates whether user is authorized to read the content when in live site mode.
Protected fieldmLayoutInfo
Placeholder level layout info.
Protected fieldmNoLayoutPlaceholder
Placeholder to supply window to the next page level when layout not defined.
Protected fieldmPageLayout
Parent page layout.
Protected fieldmPageLevel
Page level of the Placeholder.
Protected fieldmPagePlaceholder
Parent page placeholder.
Protected fieldmPageTemplateInfo
Placeholder level page template layout info.
Protected fieldmPortalManager
Parent portal manager.
Protected fieldmSiblingPagePlaceholders
Sibling page placeholders.
Protected fieldmViewMode
If set, the placeholder has overridden ViewMode.
Protected fieldpnlDesignContent
Design mode content container.
Protected fieldpnlDesignHeader
Design mode header container.
Protected fieldpnlPlaceholder
Overall container.
Public propertyAllowDesignModeActions
If true, placeholder allows the design mode actions.
Public propertyCacheMinutes
Number of minutes the retrieved content is cached for. Zero indicates that the content will not be cached.
Public propertyCMSEditableControls
Returns the array of the editable controls.
Public propertyCssClass
CSS class for the envelope
Public propertyDesignEnabled
If true, placeholder is enabled in design mode.
Public propertyDisplayHeader
If true, the page placeholder displays header in design mode
Public propertyHasExternalContent
If true, placeholder is using external content (does not load the layout if available and uses the page info if set).
Public propertyHidePageTemplateName
If true, the placeholder hides the page template name
Public propertyCheckPermissions
If true, placeholder checks access permissions for the editable web parts content.
Public propertyChildPagePlaceholders
Returns the table of all the inner placeholders.
Public propertyIsAuthorized
Returns true if the user is authorized for the document.
Public propertyIsLiveSite
Indicates if control is used on live site.
(Inherited from CMSPlaceHolder.)
Public propertyLayout
Returns the layout control.
Public propertyLayoutInfo
Returns the layout information.
Public propertyLayoutTemplate
Layout template, if set, the given layout is used.
Public propertyPageInfo
Page info.
Public propertyPageLevel
Page level.
Public propertyPagePlaceholder
Parent page placeholder.
Public propertyPagePlaceholderID
Page placeholder ID
Public propertyPageTemplateInfo
Returns the page template information.
Public propertyPortalManager
Parent portal manager.
Public propertyRoot
If true, the placeholder is the main (root) placeholder on the page.
Public propertyShortID
Short ID of the control.
(Inherited from CMSPlaceHolder.)
Public propertySiblingPagePlaceholders
Returns the table of all the sibling page placeholders (page placeholders on the same level).
Public propertySiteName
Site code name.
Public propertyTemplateInstance
Returns page template instance structure.
Public propertyUsingDefaultDocument
If true, placeholder is using default document.
Public propertyUsingDefaultPage
Indicates whether the placeholder is using either default document or default page template.
Public propertyUsingDefaultPageTemplate
If true, placeholder is using default page template.
Public propertyViewMode
Page mode of the current placeholder page.
Public propertyWebPartZones
Web part zones collection.
Public methodAppend(String)
Appends the given content to the placeholder
(Inherited from CMSPlaceHolder.)
Public methodAppend(Control)
Appends the given control to the placeholder
(Inherited from CMSPlaceHolder.)
Public methodClear
Clears the placeholder content
(Inherited from CMSPlaceHolder.)
Public methodClearCache
Clears the cache of the placeholder.
Protected methodCreateChildControls
Initializes the child controls.
(Overrides ControlCreateChildControls.)
Public methodFindAllWebParts
Finds all web parts of specified type.
Public methodFindWebPart(String)
Finds the web part with specific name.
Public methodFindWebPart(Type)
Finds the web part with specific type (first web part).
Public methodFindZone
Finds the zone by its ID.
Protected methodFinishCurrent
Appends the given content to the placeholder
(Inherited from CMSPlaceHolder.)
Public methodGetImageUrl
Gets UI image relative path.
Public methodGetSpellCheckFields
Returns the array list of the field IDs (Client IDs of the inner controls) that should be spell checked.
Public methodLoadContent
Load the page content to the placeholder.
Public methodLoadLayout
Loads the given layout.
Public methodLoadOrphanedZones
Loads the orphaned zones to the.
Public methodLoadRegionsContent
Loads the editable regions content.
Public methodLoadTextLayout
Loads the given text layout.
Protected methodLoadViewState
Load ViewState event handler.
(Overrides ControlLoadViewState(Object).)
Protected methodOnDataBinding
Databinding event.
(Overrides ControlOnDataBinding(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnInit
Init event handler
(Overrides CMSPlaceHolderOnInit(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnLoad
Load event handler.
(Overrides ControlOnLoad(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPreRender
PreRender event handler
(Inherited from CMSPlaceHolder.)
Public methodStatic memberRegisterEditLayoutScript
Registers edit layout script for specified control
Public methodReloadControls
Reload the page controls.
Public methodReloadData
Causes reloading the data, override to implement the data reloading procedure.
Protected methodRender
Renders the control.
(Overrides ControlRender(HtmlTextWriter).)
Public methodRequiresWebPartManagement
Returns true if the web part management support is required.
Public methodSaveContent
Saves the page content to the page info.
Public methodValidate
Returns true if entered data is valid. If data is invalid, it returns false and displays an error message.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodCallHandled
Calls the method handled by the exception handler. If the call doesn't succeed, the problem is reported through parent IExceptionHandler control instead of throwing unhandled exception for the entire page. Returns true, if the call succeeded, otherwise returns false.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetString
Gets the string by the specified resource key
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
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