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ContactInfoObjectQueryExtensions Class
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.OnlineMarketing
Assembly: CMS.OnlineMarketing (in CMS.OnlineMarketing.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public static class ContactInfoObjectQueryExtensions

The ContactInfoObjectQueryExtensions type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberCreatedAfter
Public methodStatic memberCreatedBefore
Public methodStatic memberNotBounced
Filters out contacts whose email address is unreachable (it has bounced more than bouncedEmailsLimit times). Contacts blocked manually by administrator are filtered out as well.
Public methodStatic memberNotMerged
Filters out contacts merged to another contact. Global contacts merged to global contact and site contacts merged to site contacts are considered as merged. Site contacts merged to global contacts are not considered as merged.
Public methodStatic memberNotWithAge
Public methodStatic memberOlderThan
Public methodStatic memberWithAge
Public methodStatic memberWithBirthdayAfter
Public methodStatic memberWithBirthdayBefore
Public methodStatic memberWithEmail
Filters out contacts whose email address does not match given email.
Public methodStatic memberYoungerThan
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