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ModulesModule Class
Represents the Modules module.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.Modules
Assembly: CMS.Modules (in CMS.Modules.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public class ModulesModule : Module

The ModulesModule type exposes the following members.

Public methodModulesModule
Default constructor
Public propertyAutoInitialize
If true, the module is allowed to be initialized automatically
(Inherited from ModuleEntry.)
Public propertyInitialized
True if the module was initialized
(Inherited from ModuleEntry.)
Public propertyIsDiscoverable
If true, this module is automatically discoverable
(Inherited from ModuleEntry.)
Public propertyIsInstallable
Indicates if module is designed as installable.
(Inherited from ModuleEntry.)
Public propertyModuleInfo
Gets the module info.
(Inherited from ModuleEntry.)
Public propertyModuleMetadata
Gets the module metadata.
(Inherited from ModuleEntry.)
Public propertyPreInitialized
True if the module was pre-initialized
(Inherited from ModuleEntry.)
Public methodClearHashtables
Clears the module hashtables.
(Overrides ModuleClearHashtables(Boolean).)
Public methodGetObject
Gets the object created from the given DataRow.
(Inherited from Module.)
Public methodCheckLicense
Checks the license.
(Inherited from Module.)
Public methodInit
Initializes the module.
(Inherited from ModuleEntry.)
Protected methodOnInit
Init module
(Overrides ModuleEntryOnInit.)
Protected methodOnPreInit
Handles the module pre-initialization.
(Inherited from ModuleEntry.)
Public methodPreInit
Pre-initializes the module.
(Inherited from ModuleEntry.)
Public methodProcessCommand
Processes the specified command.
(Inherited from Module.)
Protected methodRegisterCommand
Registers the given command
(Inherited from Module.)
Protected methodRegisterCommands
Registers the object type of this module
(Inherited from Module.)
Public methodStatic memberResetUninstallationTokensOfInstallableModules

Cleans out uninstallation tokens for all modules, including associated data (i.e. module uninstallation files). This allows for module re-installation when the database has been lost, but the modules are still present in code base (e.g. after dropping the database and installing a new one using the wizard).

This method must be called after application pre-initialization phase has finished (to reflect changes in custom path mapping). When called after the instance has already been initialized (and module installation processed), the module re-installation will occur upon next startup.

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