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ExtendedTextArea Class
Editor with syntax highlight support.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.ExtendedControls
Assembly: CMS.ExtendedControls (in CMS.ExtendedControls.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public class ExtendedTextArea : CMSTextArea

The ExtendedTextArea type exposes the following members.

Public methodExtendedTextArea
Initializes a new instance of ExtendedTextArea class.
Public fieldStatic memberCODEMIRROR_BASE_PATH
Path to the directory that holds CodeMirror files (CSS and JS).
Public propertyAllowFullscreen
Determines if full screen mode is enabled
Public propertyAutoSize
Gets or sets whether the editor should resize automatically when the containing window resizes.
Public propertyBraceMatching
Gets or sets if braces should be automatically matched (highlights open and closing brace).
Public propertyCount
Gets or sets the number of bookmarks.
Public propertyDynamicBookmarks
Gets or sets if the bookmarks are refreshed dynamically during editing.
Public propertyDynamicHeight
Gets or sets whether the height of the editor should be resized to fit its content dynamically.
Public propertyEditorID
Gets the client ID of the syntax highlight editor object used by this control.
Public propertyEditorMode
Gets or sets the text editing capabilities of this editor.
Public propertyEnableAutoComplete
Gets or sets whether autocomplete is enabled.
(Inherited from CMSTextBox.)
Public propertyEnableFocus
Gets or sets whether the focus is enabled.
(Inherited from CMSTextArea.)
Public propertyEnablePositionMember
Gets or sets whether the position member is enabled.
Public propertyEnableSections
Gets or sets whether the bookmarks are enabled.
Public propertyEnableTabKey
Indicates if Tab key adds '\t' into the text. Default value is true.
Public propertyFullScreenParentElementID
Gets or sets element's ID, which height and top position will be used in fullscreen mode.
Public propertyHighlightingEnabled
Gets or sets if the highlighting is turned on or off.
Public propertyHighlightMacros
Determines if macros should be highlighted.
Public propertyIsLiveSite
Indicates if control is used on live site.
(Inherited from CMSTextBox.)
Public propertyIsMacroMixedMode
Indicates whether the editor is in pure macro editing mode (whole text is considered as macro) or mixed mode, where auto completion is fired only inside {%%} environment. This setting will influence the Insert Macro functionality when in mixed mode the brackets are inserted, whereas in the pure macro mode, the macro is inserted without brackets.
Public propertyLanguage
Gets or sets the programming language that should be highlighted.
Public propertyLineNumber
Gets or sets the total number of lines.
Public propertyLines
Gets or sets the collection of bookmark line numbers.
Public propertyMacroDelimiter
Gets or sets the macro delimiter used.
Public propertyMaintainScrollPositionOnPostback
Gets or sets whether the scroll position is maintained between postbacks.
(Inherited from CMSTextArea.)
Public propertyMarkErrors
Gets or sets whether syntactic errors should be marked in code.
Public propertyNames
Gets or sets the collection of bookmark names.
Public propertyParentElementID
Gets or sets element's ID, which height will be used in autosize computing.
Public propertyPositionMarker
Gets the name of the hidden field that carries a scroll position.
(Inherited from CMSTextArea.)
Public propertyProcessMacroSecurity
Indicates if security parameters in macros are handled automatically.
(Inherited from CMSTextBox.)
Public propertyRegularExpression
Gets or sets the regular expression which is used to detect bookmarks.
Public propertyResolverName
Gets or sets the resolver which will be used in the Insert macro dialog (if allowed with ShowInsertMacro).
Protected propertyScrollPosition
Gets the scroll position to use on postback.
(Inherited from CMSTextArea.)
Public propertyShowBookmarks
Gets or sets if the bookmarks panel is shown in the code editor.
Public propertyShowInsertMacro
Determines whether the button "Insert macro" is visible.
Public propertyShowLineNumbers
Gets or sets if the line numbers are displayed.
Public propertyShowToolbar
Gets or sets if the toolbar is shown in the code editor.
Public propertySingleLineMode
Determines whether the editor is in single line mode (i.e. only one line of text can be edited).
Public propertySyntaxHighlightingEnabled
Gets if syntax highlighting is enabled for this control.
Public propertyTabKey
Gets or sets the key to use in tab.
Public propertyText
Gets or sets the text content of the System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox control. If ProcessMacroSecurity is true, macro security parameters are processed.
(Inherited from CMSTextBox.)
Public propertyTextMode
Gets or sets the behaviour mode (single-line, multiline, or password) of this editor control. Only TextBoxMode.MultiLine is supported
(Overrides TextBoxTextMode.)
Public propertyUseSmallFonts
If true, Editor is set to use small fonts (CodeMirror/css/smallfont.css class is included).
Public propertyValueIsMacro
If true, the value is processed as a macro (signed as a whole)
(Inherited from CMSTextBox.)
Public propertyWatermarkCssClass
The CSS class to apply to the TextBox when it has no value (e.g. the watermark text is shown).
(Inherited from CMSTextBox.)
Public propertyWatermarkText
The text to show when the control has no value.
(Inherited from CMSTextBox.)
Public propertyWrap
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the text content wraps.
(Inherited from CMSTextArea.)
Public methodExtractBookmarks
Retrieves bookmarks from the editor text and stores them in the hashtables.
Public methodGetPreformattedBookmarks
Preparses the bookmarks retrieved from the text.
Protected methodGetScrollPositionValue
Gets the scroll position value
(Overrides CMSTextAreaGetScrollPositionValue.)
Public methodGetValueGetterCommand
Return command which gets value of editor (handles case when SyntaxHighlighting is disabled).
Public methodGetValueSetterCommand
Return command which sets given value (general JS command) to the editor (handles case when SyntaxHighlighting is disabled).
Public methodLoadSignatures
Loads extra signatures from the text.
(Inherited from CMSTextBox.)
Protected methodOnInit
Initializes control
(Inherited from CMSTextBox.)
Protected methodOnLoad
Retrieves scroll position markers from hidden fields.
(Overrides CMSTextAreaOnLoad(EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPreRender
Registers client script for generating postback events prior to rendering on the client, if AutPostBack is true.
(Overrides CMSTextAreaOnPreRender(EventArgs).)
Protected methodRegisterPosition
Registers the position marker.
(Inherited from CMSTextArea.)
Protected methodRender
Renders the ExtendedTextArea control to the specified HtmlTextWriter object.
(Overrides CMSTextBoxRender(HtmlTextWriter).)
Public methodSetPosition
Explicitly sets the editor position
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodAddCssClass
Adds CSS class to control. If class is already present, than adding is skipped. Class names are case sensitive.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCallHandled
Calls the method handled by the exception handler. If the call doesn't succeed, the problem is reported through parent IExceptionHandler control instead of throwing unhandled exception for the entire page. Returns true, if the call succeeded, otherwise returns false.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetCssClasses
Returns all CSS classes of control.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetRenderedHTML
Returns HTML which would be rendered by control to page.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetString
Gets the string by the specified resource key
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodHasCssClass
Checks whether the control has given CSS class. Class names are case sensitive.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodRemoveCssClass
Removes all occurrences. Class names are case sensitive.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodSetCssClasses
Sets CSS classes to the control. Current classes will be overridden.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
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