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CMSRadioButtonList Class
Base control for radiobutton lists. Supports localization.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.ExtendedControls
Assembly: CMS.ExtendedControls (in CMS.ExtendedControls.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public class CMSRadioButtonList : RadioButtonList

The CMSRadioButtonList type exposes the following members.

Public methodCMSRadioButtonList
Default constructor.
Public propertySource
Localized string source property - may be 'database' or 'file'.
Public propertyToolTipResourceString
Name of a resource string used for tooltip.
Public propertyUseResourceStrings
Use resource strings instead of item texts.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodAddCssClass
Adds CSS class to control. If class is already present, than adding is skipped. Class names are case sensitive.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCallHandled
Calls the method handled by the exception handler. If the call doesn't succeed, the problem is reported through parent IExceptionHandler control instead of throwing unhandled exception for the entire page. Returns true, if the call succeeded, otherwise returns false.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetCssClasses
Returns all CSS classes of control.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetRenderedHTML
Returns HTML which would be rendered by control to page.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetSelectedItems
Returns all selected items.
(Defined by ListControlExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodGetString
Gets the string by the specified resource key
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodHasCssClass
Checks whether the control has given CSS class. Class names are case sensitive.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodHasValue
Returns true when at least one item is selected.
(Defined by ListControlExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodRemoveCssClass
Removes all occurrences. Class names are case sensitive.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodSetCssClasses
Sets CSS classes to the control. Current classes will be overridden.
(Defined by ControlsExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodSortItems
Sorts list items alphabetically.
(Defined by ListControlExtensions.)
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