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TabItem Class
Tab control item.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CMS.Controls.Configuration
Assembly: CMS.Controls (in CMS.Controls.dll) Version: 9.0.0
public class TabItem : NavigationItem

The TabItem type exposes the following members.

Public methodTabItem
Default constructor.
Public propertyAlternatingCssSuffix
Style attribute of the tab.
Public propertyCssClass
CSS class of the item.
(Inherited from NavigationItem.)
Public propertyImageAlternativeText
Alternative text of the image.
Public propertyIndex
Position of a tab.
Public propertyItemStyle
Style attribute of the tab.
Public propertyLeftItemImage
The left image of the item.
Public propertyMiddleItemImage
The middle image of the item.
Public propertyOnClientClick
The JavaScript executed on client click event.
(Inherited from NavigationItem.)
Public propertyRedirectUrl
The URL for redirection.
(Inherited from NavigationItem.)
Public propertyRightItemImage
The right image of the item.
Public propertySelected
If set to true, the tab is set as selected if displayed
Public propertySuppressDefaultOnClientClick
Suppresses default behavior when onclick event is raised.
Public propertyTabName
Name of tab.
Public propertyText
Specifies the the caption of the item. Sample value: "Caption string" (Has higher priority than the resource string.)
(Inherited from NavigationItem.)
Public propertyTooltip
Specifies the the tooltip of the item (string.empty: empty, null: usually copies caption or custom string). (Has higher priority than the tooltip resource string.)
(Inherited from NavigationItem.)
Public methodIsEmpty
Checks TabItem for emptiness.
Public methodStatic memberNew
Creates new tab item object from array values.
Public methodToArray
Converts object to legacy array.
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