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SearchParameters Properties

The SearchParameters type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAttachmentOrderBy
Order by for attachments search
Public propertyAttachmentWhere
Where condition for attachments search
Public propertyBlockFieldOnlySearch
If true, performs the search only when the content part of the search expression is present.
Public propertyClassNames
Class names
Public propertyCombineWithDefaultCulture
Whether combine with default culture
Public propertyCurrentCulture
Current culture
Public propertyDefaultCulture
Default culture
Public propertyDisplayResults
Number of results which should be displayed
Public propertyCheckPermissions
Indicates whether check permissions
Public propertyMaxScore
Returns the maximum score value encountered within the search hits (among the NumberOfResults results).
Public propertyNumberOfProcessedResults
Number of processed results due to performance optimization
Public propertyNumberOfResults
Number of results for the search query.
Public propertyPath
Public propertySearchAllCultures
Returns true, if the search parameters search for all cultures
Public propertySearchFor
Search query
Public propertySearchInAttachments
Indicates whether search in attachments
Public propertySearchIndexes
List of search index names to search in, separated by semicolon
Public propertySearchSort
Search sort expression
Public propertyStartingPosition
Starting position in search results (paging)
Public propertyUser
User info
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