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CMSAbstractWebPart Properties

The CMSAbstractWebPart type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdditonalCssClass
Gets or sets the additional class which is added to the web part content panel
Public propertyStatic memberAvailableCacheItemNames
Gets list of cache items supported by system
Public propertyCacheDependencies
Cache dependencies, each cache dependency on a new line.
Public propertyCacheItemName
Name of the cache item the control will use.
Public propertyStatic memberCacheItems
List of the cache key items for partial caching. Default value is "username;sitename;lang"
Public propertyCacheMinutes
Number of minutes the retrieved content is cached for. Zero indicates that the content will not be cached.
Public propertyComponentName
Component name
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyContainer
Web part container object.
Public propertyContainerAfter
Container to render after the control.
Public propertyContainerBefore
Container to render before the control.
Public propertyContainerHideOnCurrentPage
Returns true if the container should be hidden on current page (hide container on subpages in effect).
Public propertyContainerHideOnSubPages
Hide container on sub pages.
Public propertyContainerName
Container name.
Public propertyContainerTitle
Container title.
Public propertyContentAfter
Content after.
Public propertyContentBefore
Content before.
Public propertyContentLoaded
Content has been loaded.
Public propertyContextResolver
Web part context resolver.
Public propertyControlContext
Control context.
Protected propertyCPWebPartInEdit
Indicates whether this web part is in edit mode and contains content personalization variants. According to this setting, the web part context menu will be rendered in the edit mode.
Public propertyCssClass
Web part CSS class.
Public propertyCurrentDocument
Current document
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyCurrentPageInfo
Current page info
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyCurrentSite
Current site
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyCurrentSiteName
Site name.
Public propertyCurrentUser
Current user
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyCustomTimeZone
Returns custom time zone info.
Public propertyDisableMacros
If true, macros are not resolved in the web part properties.
Public propertyDisableViewState
Allows disabling of the web part viewstate.
Public propertyDisplayToRoles
Display to roles.
Public propertyDocumentManager
Document manager control
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Protected propertyDocumentWizardManager
Gets or sets current document wizard manager
Public propertyEditedObject
Control's edited object
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyEnabled
Public propertyEnableOutputFilter
Enable output filter
Public propertyHasVariants
Indicates whether the web part has any variants.
Public propertyHeaderActions
Header actions control
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyHideHeader
If true, the header of the web part is hidden in design mode
Public propertyHideOnCurrentPage
Returns true if the control should be hidden on current page (hide control on subpages in effect).
Public propertyHideOnSubPages
Hide on sub pages.
Public propertyChildPagePlaceholders
Returns the table of all the inner placeholders.
Public propertyChildrenHaveVariants
Returns true if the children components have any variants
Public propertyInstanceGUID
Web part instance GUID.
Public propertyIsDesign
True if the web part is in design mode.
Public propertyIsLayout
Returns true, if the web part represents layout
Public propertyIsLiveSite
Indicates if control is used on live site.
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyIsVariant
Indicates whether this web part is a variant of an existing web part.
Public propertyIsVisible
Returns true if the webpart is visible.
Public propertyIsWidget
Returns true if the web part is widget.
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets the value of the property
Public propertyLayoutType
Layout type of the parent zone
Public propertyMessagesPlaceHolder
Placeholder for messages
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyNestedWebParts
Nested web parts
Public propertyNotResolveProperties
List of the property names that should not be resolved with macros.
Public propertyOutputConvertTablesToDivs
Convert TABLE tags to DIV tags
Public propertyOutputFixAttributes
Fix attributes
Public propertyOutputFixHTML5
Public propertyOutputFixJavascript
Fix Javascript
Public propertyOutputFixLowerCase
Fix lower case
Public propertyOutputFixSelfClose
Fix self closing tags
Public propertyOutputResolveURLs
Resolve URLs
Public propertyPageCycle
Control page cycle status.
Public propertyPageManager
Parent page manager.
Public propertyPagePlaceholder
Parent page placeholder.
Public propertyParentHasVariants
Returns true if the parent component has any variants
Public propertyParentWebPart
Parent web part, defined in case the web part is a nested web part in another web part.
Public propertyParentZone
Parent zone.
Public propertyPartInfo
Web part info.
Public propertyPartInstance
Web part instance.
Public propertyPortalManager
Portal manager for the page.
Public propertyRelatedData
Custom data connected to the object.
Public propertyRemoved
True if the web part was removed from current template.
Public propertyRenderEnvelope
If true, the web part renders div with web part client ID around it.
Public propertyResourcePrefix
Prefix for the resource strings which are used for the localization.
(Overrides AbstractUserControlResourcePrefix.)
Public propertyResourcePrefixes
List of cached resource prefixes for the parent hierarchy
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyShortClientID
Returns the short client ID of the web part.
Public propertyShortID
Short ID of the control.
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyShowForDocumentTypes
Show for document types.
Public propertySkinID
Skin ID.
(Overrides ControlSkinID.)
Public propertySQLProperties
List of the property names that are used in SQL queries and should avoid SQL injection.
Public propertyStandAlone
Specifies whether the control is StandAlone or not, if false, the control is located within PortalEngine environment.
Public propertyStopProcessing
Returns true if the control processing should be stopped.
(Overrides AbstractUserControlStopProcessing.)
Public propertyTimeZoneType
Returns time zone type.
Protected propertyTitleContainer
Web part title container
Public propertyTitleInfo
Title information.
Public propertyTitleLabel
Gets the web part title label.
Public propertyUIContext
Control's UI Context
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyUpdatePanel
Update panel of the web part.
Public propertyUsesLocalMessagesPlaceHolder
Indicates if control uses local messages placeholder
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyUseUpdatePanel
Use update panel. This property is working only in Portal Engine mode. Don't use with ASPX templates.
Protected propertyVariantControlsPlaceHolder
Placeholder containing a list of variants used for an explicit rendering.
Public propertyViewMode
Page mode of the current web part.
Public propertyVisible
Gets or sets whether the control is visible on the page.
(Overrides ControlVisible.)
Public propertyWebPartHeight
Height of the web part
Public propertyWebPartID
Returns the Web part ID as registered in design mode
Public propertyWebPartTitle
Web part title.
Public propertyWebPartType
Returns the web part type.
Public propertyWebPartWidth
Width of the web part
Public propertyWidgetTitle
Widget title.
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