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HeaderAction Properties

The HeaderAction type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAlternativeActions
Alternative actions to be displayed in context menu.
Public propertyBaseButton
Button to replace.
Public propertyButtonStyle
Style of the header action button. Only applicable when action has no alternative actions. Multi-button (button displaying alternative actions) is always default.
Public propertyCommandArgument
Command argument of the action.
Public propertyCommandName
Name of the command representing the action.
Public propertyCssClass
CSS class of the item.
(Inherited from NavigationItem.)
Public propertyCultureCode
UI culture code.
Public propertyDialogHeight
If action opens dialog, set dialog height
Public propertyDialogWidth
If action opens dialog, set dialog width
Public propertyEnabled
Indicates if the action is enabled.
Public propertyEventName
Name of the event.
Public propertyGenerateSeparatorBeforeAction
Indicates whether separator class should be used before current item
Public propertyInactive
Indicates if the action is inactive. Only applicable when action has alternative action. When inactive action can't be executed. Clicking on the action is used to toggle the visibility of alternative actions.
Public propertyIndex
Index of the action.
Public propertyOnClientClick
The JavaScript executed on client click event.
(Overrides NavigationItemOnClientClick.)
Public propertyOpenInDialog
If true, the action opens in dialog
Public propertyPermission
Permission name to check. For Permission check to work, both Resource name and Permission must be filled.
Public propertyRedirectUrl
The URL for redirection.
(Inherited from NavigationItem.)
Public propertyRegisterShortcutScript
Indicates if save shortcut script should be registered
Public propertyResourceName
Resource name. For Permission check to work, both Resource name and Permission must be filled.
Public propertyTarget
Target for hyperlink.
Public propertyText
Specifies the caption of the item. Sample value: "Caption string" (Has higher priority than the resource string.)
(Overrides NavigationItemText.)
Public propertyTooltip
Specifies the the tooltip of the item (string.empty: empty, null: usually copies caption or custom string). (Has higher priority than the tooltip resource string.)
(Inherited from NavigationItem.)
Public propertyValidationGroup
Validation group name.
Public propertyVisible
Indicates if the action should be visible.
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