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BaseInfo Properties

The BaseInfo type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyAllowClone
Indicates if the object supports cloning.
Protected propertyAllowRestore
Indicates if the object supports deleting to recycle bin.
Protected propertyAllowTouchParent
Indicates if parent is allowed to be touched, if exists.
Public propertyAssignedSites
Collection of the sites to which the object is associated via site bindings (M:N relationships).
Public propertyBindings
Collection of the binding objects for the given object.
Protected propertyCacheParentData
If true, the parent object data is cached within object.
Protected propertyCodeNameColumn
Code name column name of the info record.
Public propertyColumnNames
Column names.
Protected propertyCustomizedColumns
Gets the list of customized columns in current object
Protected propertyDisplayNameColumn
Display name column name of the info record.
Public propertyGeneralized
Generalized interface of this object.
Protected propertyHasData
Returns true if the object has it's data storage initialized already
Public propertyHasChanged
Returns true if the object changed.
Protected propertyCheckUnique
If true, the code name is checked for uniqueness upon saving.
Protected propertyChildDependencies
Collection of the child dependencies for the given object. These are objects which should be included into the parent data (for example class data for BizForms), but aren't direct child of the object.
Public propertyChildren
Collection of the child objects for the given object.
Public propertyIcon
Object icon
Protected propertyIgnoreExternalColumns
If true, externally stored columns are ignored and are stored normally in DB.
Protected propertyInstanceGUID
Returns the object instance GUID
Protected propertyIsCachedObject
If true, the object is cached within the system for later use
Protected propertyIsClone
Indicates if the object is clone.
Public propertyIsComplete
Returns true if the object is complete (has all columns).
Protected propertyIsDisconnected
Returns true if this collection is disconnected from the database
Public propertyIsGlobal
Returns true if the object is global object. False if the object belongs to specific site only.
Protected propertyIsCheckedOut
Indicates if the object is checked out.
Protected propertyIsCheckedOutByUserID
Gets ID of the user who checked the object out.
Protected propertyIsObjectValid
Returns true if the object is considered valid.
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets the value of the column.
Protected propertyLogEvents
If true, Events tasks are logged on the object update.
Protected propertyLogExport
If true, export tasks are logged on the object update.
Protected propertyLogIntegration
If true, integration tasks are being logged.
Protected propertyLogSynchronization
Indicates how should be handled the logging of synchronization tasks on the object update.
Protected propertyLogWebFarmTasks
If true, web farm tasks are logged on the object update.
Public propertyMetaFiles
Collection of the metafiles belonging to the object.
Protected propertyName
Returns the code name of the object
Protected propertyObjectCategory
Object category.
Protected propertyObjectCodeName
Object code name.
Protected propertyObjectDisplayName
Object display name.
Protected propertyObjectFullName
Object full name if exists
Protected propertyObjectGroupID
Object community group ID.
Protected propertyObjectGUID
Object GUID.
Protected propertyObjectIcon
Object icon metafile.
Protected propertyObjectIconGUID
Object icon GUID.
Protected propertyObjectID
Object ID.
Protected propertyObjectIsCustom
Indicates if object is custom.
Protected propertyObjectIsCustomized
Indicates if object is customized.
Protected propertyObjectLastAccessed
Object last access time (uses internally by providers).
Protected propertyObjectLastModified
Last modified time.
Protected propertyObjectOrder
Returns the order of the object among the other objects.
Protected propertyObjectParent
Object parent.
Protected propertyObjectParentID
Object parent ID.
Public propertyObjectSettings
Object settings
Protected propertyObjectSite
Returns the object site.
Protected propertyObjectSiteID
Object site ID.
Protected propertyObjectSiteName
Object site name.
Protected propertyObjectStatus
Returns the current status of the object.
Protected propertyObjectThumbnail
Object thumbnail metafile.
Protected propertyObjectThumbnailGUID
Object thumbnail GUID.
Protected propertyObjectVersionGUID
Object version GUID.
Public propertyOtherBindings
Collection of the binding objects for the given object.
Public propertyParent
Object parent
Protected propertyParentObjectType
Parent object type.
Protected propertyPrioritizedProperties
Gets the list of properties which should be prioritized in the macro controls (IntelliSense, MacroTree).
Public propertyProcesses
Collection of the processes belonging to the object.
Public propertyProperties
Properties of the object available through GetProperty.
Protected propertyReferringObjects
Collection of the objects depending on this object (object which have FK to this object).
Public propertyRelatedData
Custom data connected to the object.
Public propertyRelatedObjects
Related objects.
Public propertyScheduledTasks
Collection of the scheduled tasks belonging to the object.
Public propertySite
Object site
Protected propertySupportsVersioning
Indicates if the object versioning is supported. Default false
Public propertyThumbnail
Object thumbnail
Protected propertyTouchCacheDependencies
If true, cache dependencies are touched when the object is changed.
Public propertyTypeInfo
Object type information.
Protected propertyUpdateTimeStamp
If true, timestamp of the object is updated when saved.
Protected propertyValidateCodeName
If true, the code name is validated upon saving.
Protected propertyVersioningEnabled
Indicates if the object versioning is enabled by the settings.
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