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CMSAbstractBaseFilterControl Properties

The CMSAbstractBaseFilterControl type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyBaseProperties
Data properties
Public propertyCacheDependencies
Cache dependencies, each cache dependency on a new line.
Public propertyCacheItemName
Name of the cache item the control will use.
Public propertyCacheMinutes
Number of minutes the retrieved content is cached for. Zero indicates that the content will not be cached.
Public propertyComponentName
Component name
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyCurrentDocument
Current document
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyCurrentPageInfo
Current page info
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyCurrentSite
Current site
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyCurrentUser
Current user
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyDisableFilterCaching
Enables or disables filter caching.
Public propertyDocumentManager
Document manager control
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyEditedObject
Control's edited object
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyFilterControl
Data filter control.
Public propertyFilterControlPath
Gets or sets the path of the filter control.
Public propertyFilteredControl
Filtered control.
Public propertyFilterChanged
Property to set and get the Filter changed.
Public propertyFilterIsSet
Property to get if the filter is set.
Public propertyFilterMode
Allow to set filter mode (useful if same filter is used to filter different items)
Public propertyFilterName
Property to set and get the Filter name.
Public propertyHeaderActions
Header actions control
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyIsLiveSite
Indicates if control is used on live site.
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyMessagesPlaceHolder
Placeholder for messages
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyOrderBy
Property to set and get the OrderBy.
Public propertyParameters
Hashtable with additional parameters.
Public propertyCode exampleResourcePrefix
Prefix for the resource strings which are used for the localization by the control and its child controls.
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyResourcePrefixes
List of cached resource prefixes for the parent hierarchy
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertySelectedColumns
Columns which should be selected.
Public propertySelectedValue
This value is used to initialize filter control according to currently selected value.
Public propertyShortID
Short ID of the control.
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertySiteID
Property to set and get the filter SiteID.
Public propertySiteName
Property to set and get the SiteName.
Public propertySourceFilterControl
Gets the source filter control.
Public propertySourceFilterName
Gets or sets the source filter name.
Public propertyStopProcessing
Stop processing.
(Overrides AbstractUserControlStopProcessing.)
Public propertyToggleAdvancedModeButton
Gets button used to toggle filter's advanced mode.
Public propertyTopN
Property to set and get the Top N property.
Public propertyUIContext
Control's UI Context
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyUsesLocalMessagesPlaceHolder
Indicates if control uses local messages placeholder
(Inherited from AbstractUserControl.)
Public propertyValue
Filter value.
Public propertyWhereCondition
Property to set and get the WhereCondition.
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