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CMS.DataEngine.Serialization Namespace
Public classDeserializationResult
Provides information on deserialization process result and partially or fully deserialized BaseInfo.
Public classDeserializationResultBase
Provides information on deserialization process result.
Public classFailedMapping
Provides information of name of field and translation reference that was impossible to map to existing DB objects.
Public classSerializationExtensions
Extension methods for serialization and deserialization of BaseInfo.
Public classStructuredData
Basic structured object implementation for valid XMLs.
Public classTranslationHelperForeignKeyExtensions
Class provides extensions for TranslationHelper, enabling it to work with TranslationReference, TranslationReference serialized to XML (through DeserializationFieldWrapper) and unsuccessful TranslationReferences stored in DeserializationResult
Public classTranslationReference
Contains all information necessary to identify an object in database except for its ID. Pass it to the TranslationHelper to obtain the current ID.