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SearchSettings Methods

The SearchSettings type exposes the following members.

Public methodCopyTo
Copies selected fields to another search settings object
Public methodDeleteSearchSettingsInfo(Guid)
Deletes search setting item.
Public methodDeleteSearchSettingsInfo(SearchSettingsInfo)
Deletes search index setting item.
Public methodGetAllSettingsInfos
Returns all search settings as DataSet.
Public methodGetData
Returns xml code of search index settings.
Public methodGetEnumerator
Returns the enumerator
Public methodGetSettingsInfo(Guid)
Returns search setting item by specified II (GUID).
Public methodGetSettingsInfo(String)
Returns search setting item by specified II (GUID).
Public methodGetXmlElement
Gets the XML element for the data
Public methodLoadData
Loads settings from xml data.
Public methodLoadFromXmlElement
Loads the data from the given XML element
Public methodSearchesAnyOf
Returns true if the search settings indexes any of the given columns
Public methodSetSettingsInfo
Adds or overwrites search setting item in hashtable.
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