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GeneralConnection Methods

The GeneralConnection type exposes the following members.

Public methodBulkInsert
Performs a bulk insert of the data into a target database table
Public methodClose
Closes the connection.
Public methodDispose
Disposes the connection
Public methodExecuteNonQuery
Runs the query.
Public methodExecuteQuery(QueryParameters)
Executes query and returns result as a dataset.
Public methodExecuteQuery(QueryParameters, Int32)
Executes query and returns result as a DataSet. Returns the total number of result items.
Public methodExecuteReader
Runs the query and returns result as Data reader. Keeps the connection open.
Public methodExecuteScalar
Runs the query and returns result as a single value.
Public methodGetExecutingConnection
Gets the connection that executes the given query
Public methodGetObjectData
Gets object data.
Public methodIsOpen
Returns true if the connection is open.
Public methodLogQueryEnd
Logs the end of the query processing.
Public methodLogQueryStart
Logs query start. Logs the query to the file and to current request log for debugging.
Public methodOpen
Opens the connection.
Protected methodRunQuery
Runs the query against SQL DB.
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