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DataTypeT Methods

The DataTypeT generic type exposes the following members.

Public methodConvert
Converts the value to a proper type
(Overrides DataTypeConvert(Object, CultureInfo, Object).)
Protected methodFormatValue
Formats the given value
(Inherited from DataType.)
Public methodGetDefaultValueCode
Gets the code for the default value of this type in C# code
(Inherited from DataType.)
Public methodGetSqlType
Gets the SQL data type representation
(Inherited from DataType.)
Public methodGetSqlValue
Gets the SQL value representation for this type
(Inherited from DataType.)
Public methodGetString
Gets the string representation of the given value
(Inherited from DataType.)
Public methodIsAvailableForObjectType
Returns true if the given data type is available for the given object type
(Inherited from DataType.)
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