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AbstractSqlGenerator Methods

The AbstractSqlGenerator type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberGetColumnList(String, String, Boolean)
Generates the column list for the SQL query.
Public methodStatic memberGetColumnList(String, String, Boolean, String)
Generates the column list for the SQL query.
Protected methodStatic memberGetCommunityMemberView
Generates the code for the Community_Member view
Public methodGetPKWhereCondition
Returns the where condition for given primary key (single or list separated by semicolon).
Public methodGetSqlQuery
Generates the given type of query for table specified by its className.
Public methodGetSystemViewSqlQuery
View name.
Protected methodStatic memberGetTreeJoinedView
Generates the Tree_Joined indexed view query
Protected methodStatic memberGetUserView
Generates the code for the User view
Public methodStatic memberIsColumnExcluded
Returns true if the column is excluded.
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