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CustomTableModule Methods

The CustomTableModule type exposes the following members.

Public methodClearHashtables
Clears the module hashtables.
(Overrides ModuleClearHashtables(Boolean).)
Public methodGetObject
Gets the object created from the given DataRow.
(Overrides ModuleGetObject(String).)
Public methodCheckLicense
Checks the license.
(Inherited from Module.)
Public methodInit
Initializes the module.
(Inherited from ModuleEntry.)
Protected methodOnInit
Init module
(Overrides ModuleEntryOnInit.)
Protected methodOnPreInit
Initializes the module
(Overrides ModuleEntryOnPreInit.)
Public methodPreInit
Pre-initializes the module.
(Inherited from ModuleEntry.)
Public methodProcessCommand
Processes the specified command.
(Inherited from Module.)
Protected methodRegisterCommand
Registers the given command
(Inherited from Module.)
Protected methodRegisterCommands
Registers the object type of this module
(Inherited from Module.)
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