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ActivityData Fields

The ActivityData type exposes the following members.

Public fieldCampaign
Campaign under which the activity occurred
Public fieldContactID
Contact ID
Public fieldCulture
Document culture
Public fieldIP
IP address of the user
Public fieldIsAlreadyProcessed
Marks whether the activity is already in the database or not.
Public fieldItemDetailID
Related detail item ID
Public fieldItemID
Related item ID
Public fieldLogTime
Time when activity was performed
Public fieldNodeID
Related node ID
Public fieldOtherParams
Other custom parameters
Public fieldProcessedActivityID
If activity is already saved (IsAlreadyProcessed is true), this field contains ID of an activity.
Public fieldSiteID
Site ID
Public fieldTitle
Activity title (optional). If null or blank, title is generated automatically using 'TitleData'.
Public fieldTitleData
Additional title data for autogenerating 'Title'. This text is used to create user-friendly 'Title' automatically.
Public fieldType
Activity type
Public fieldURL
URL of the page where activity occurred
Public fieldURLReferrer
URL of previous page
Public fieldValue
Activity value
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