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CMSAbstractWebPart Fields

The CMSAbstractWebPart type exposes the following members.

Protected fieldconfigureScript
Script to fire the configuration dialog.
Protected fieldlblWebPartTitle
Web part title label.
Protected fieldlocationRendered
If true, the web part location script was already rendered
Protected fieldStatic membermCacheItems
List of the cache key items.
Protected fieldmContainer
Container info object.
Protected fieldmDisableMacros
If true, the macros are disabled.
Protected fieldmHeaderContainer
Container control for the design mode header.
Protected fieldmHeaderControl
Header control
Protected fieldmChildPagePlaceholders
First level child page placeholders.
Protected fieldmIsDesign
True if the web part is in design mode.
Protected fieldmLocalProperties
Local web part properties.
Protected fieldmNeedsLayoutScript
If true, the web part needs the layouts script.
Protected fieldmNotResolveProperties
List of properties that should not be resolved.
Protected fieldmPageCycle
Control page cycle status.
Protected fieldmPageManager
Parent page manager.
Protected fieldmPagePlaceholder
Parent page placeholder.
Protected fieldmParentZone
Parent web part zone.
Protected fieldmParentZoneSearched
If true, the parent zone was already searched
Protected fieldmPartInfo
Web part info.
Protected fieldmProvideSetPropertyScript
If true, the script for setting the property if generated.
Protected fieldmRelatedData
Custom data connected to the object.
Protected fieldmRenderWebPartClass
If true, the web part class is rendered
Protected fieldmShortClientID
Short client ID.
Protected fieldmSQLProperties
List of SQL properties that should be escaped for SQL injection.
Protected fieldmStandAlone
Specifies whether the control is StandAlone or not, if false, the control is located within PortalEngine environment.
Protected fieldmTitleInfo
Title information.
Protected fieldmViewMode
Local view mode.
Protected fieldplcTitleContainer
Web part title container
Public fieldStatic memberRESOLVER_RENDER
Web part render resolver name
Protected fieldvariantsLoaded
If true, the web part variants were already loaded
Protected fieldwidgetNotResolvePropertiesLoaded
Flag if the properties of widget that shouldn't be resolved were loaded.
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