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DataClassInfo Fields

The DataClassInfo type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberEXTERNAL_COLUMN_CODE
External column name for Form Layout
Protected fieldmDataClass
Data class with the SiteInfo data.
(Inherited from AbstractInfoBaseTInfo.)
Protected fieldmSchemaDataSet
Source schema dataset.
Protected fieldmStatus
Status of the object.
(Inherited from BaseInfo.)
Public fieldStatic memberOBJECT_TYPE
Main object type to cover all class types
Public fieldStatic memberOBJECT_TYPE_SYSTEMTABLE
Object type for system table (customizable module class)
Public fieldStatic memberTYPEINFO
Type information for class covering all classes
Public fieldStatic memberTYPEINFOSYSTEMTABLE
Type information for system table (customizable module class)
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