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MacroMethod Properties

The MacroMethod type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowedTypes
Gets or sets a list of types for which the method is applicable (set to null for all types to be allowed).
Public propertyComment
Gets or sets a comment for the method.
Public propertyIsHidden
If true, the method won't be visible in IntelliSense (but will be normally executed when called).
Public propertyMethod
Gets or sets reference to a method.
Public propertyMethodContext
Gets or sets reference to a method.
Public propertyMethodResolver
Gets or sets reference to a method.
Public propertyMinimumParameters
Gets or sets the minimal number of parameters needed by the method.
Public propertyName
Returns name of the field.
(Inherited from MacroExtension.)
Public propertyParameters
Gets or sets the parameters for the method.
Public propertySnippet
Gets or sets a code snippet which is used in AutoCompletion when TAB is pressed (for determining the cursor position use pipe).
Public propertySpecialParameters
Gets or sets the list of special parameters needed to be supplied by resolver.
Public propertyType
Gets or sets a return type of the method.
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