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ObjectTranslationRESTService Properties

The ObjectTranslationRESTService type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowedObjectTypes
Gets the list of allowed object types separated by semicolon. Empty string means all object types are allowed.
(Inherited from BaseRESTService.)
Public propertyAllowedSensitiveColumns
If true, global administrators will be able to work with sensitive columns (such as UserPassword) via REST service. Other users than global administrators cannot work with these columns regardless this setting value.
(Inherited from BaseRESTService.)
Protected propertyCurrentSite
Gets current site object received from the domain.
(Inherited from BaseRESTService.)
Protected propertyCurrentSiteName
Gets current site name (retrieved from domain accessed).
(Inherited from BaseRESTService.)
Protected propertyCurrentUser
Gets current user object received from auth cookie.
(Inherited from BaseRESTService.)
Protected propertyCurrentUserName
Gets current user name received from auth cookie.
(Inherited from BaseRESTService.)
Public propertyDefaultEncoding
Returns default Encoding from settings.
(Inherited from BaseRESTService.)
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