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NodeSelectionParameters Properties

The NodeSelectionParameters type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAliasPath
Path. It may contain % and _ as wild card characters for any number of unknown characters or one unknown character respectively (for MS SQL)
Public propertyClassNames
List of classNames to select separated by semicolon (e.g.: "cms.article;cms.product")
Public propertyColumns
Columns to be selected. Columns definition must contain mandatory columns (NodeID, NodeLinkedNodeID, DocumentCulture)
Public propertyCombineWithDefaultCulture
Specifies if return the default culture document when specified culture not found
Public propertyCultureCode
Nodes culture code
Public propertyCheckLicense
If true, the selection checks license conditions
Public propertyMaxRelativeLevel
Maximal child level of the selected nodes
Public propertyOrderBy
Order by clause to use for the data selection
Public propertySelectAllData
If true, the coupled data are retrieved in case class names are specified
Public propertySelectOnlyPublished
Select only published nodes
Public propertySelectSingleNode
If true, single node selection takes place (escapes query like patterns)
Public propertySiteName
Nodes site name
Public propertyTopN
Select top N rows only
Public propertyWhere
Where condition to use for the data selection
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