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CMSThread Properties

The CMSThread type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowAsyncActions
Indicates if new threads can be created within this thread. (By default no new threads are created.)
Public propertyCancel
If true, the worker is cancelled (doesn't execute)
(Inherited from AbstractWorker.)
Public propertyConnectionString
Connection string name that the thread should use to access the database
Public propertyInnerThread
Worker object.
Public propertyIsBackground
Defines if a thread is a background thread
Public propertyLog
Logs for long running operations.
Public propertyMethodClassName
Name of the class which is running the thread actions.
Public propertyMethodName
Name of the method which is running the thread actions.
Public propertyMode
If true, the thread runs synchronously
Public propertyPriority
Specifies the scheduling priority.
Public propertyRequestUrl
Request URL which created the thread.
Public propertyRunInSequence
If true, the thread is a part of the sequence and should perform the actions after the previous thread finishes.
(Inherited from AbstractWorker.)
Public propertyStatic memberRunningThreads
Counter of running Threads.
Public propertyThreadFinished
Time when the thread finished.
Public propertyThreadGUID
Thread GUID.
Public propertyThreadID
Thread ID.
Public propertyThreadStarted
Time when the thread started.
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