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CMS.WebServices Namespace
Public classAutomationDesignerService
Automation process graph service implementation.
Public classBaseRESTService
Base REST service to provide basic access and management of CMS data
Public classGraphPartialRefresh
Service response containing part of the graph to be refreshed.
Public classRESTErrorHandler
Error handler for the REST requests.
Public classRESTSecurityInvoker
Security handler over the REST requests
Public classRESTService
REST service to access and manage CMS data
Public classServiceCookieHelper
Cookie helper methods for WCF Service.
Public classServiceQueryHelper
QueryString helper methods for WCF Service.
Public classServiceResolver
Class to resolve the macros in the context of WCF service (REST for example). Handles querystring and cookies macros in a WCS service specific way.
Public classServiceResponse
Service general response.
Public classServiceResponseTData
Generic service response
Public classWebServicesModule
Represents the WebDAV module.
Public classWorkflowDesignerService
Workflow graph service implementation.
Public interfaceIGraphService
Graph service contract.
Public interfaceIRESTService
REST service interface
Public interfaceIWorkflowDesignerService
Workflow graph contract for purposes of JavaScript proxy object generation. Its name is same as the name of interface so if we used IGraphService only, we could access from JavaScript only one implementation. Eventually we want multiple graph implementations with different service implementations on a page.
Public enumerationResponseStatusEnum
Service response codes