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CMS.WebFarmSync Namespace
Public classDbWebFarmUpdater
Implementation of web farm updater which uses instead of URL notifications.
Public classSystemTaskType
Operation type enumeration.
Public classUrlWebFarmUpdater
Web farm updater which uses url and http protocol for notifications.
Public classWebFarmAnonymousTaskListInfo
WebFarmAnonymousTaskListInfo virtual object.
Public classWebFarmContext
Contains context information connected with processing web farm tasks.
Public classWebFarmDebug
Web farm debug methods
Public classWebFarmServerInfo
WebFarmServerInfo data container class.
Public classWebFarmServerInfoProvider
Class providing WebFarmServerInfo management.
Public classWebFarmServerTaskInfo
WebFarmServerTaskInfo data container class.
Public classWebFarmServerTaskInfoProvider
Class providing WebFarmServerTaskInfo management.
Public classWebFarmSyncModule
Represents the Web Farm Synchronization module.
Public classWebFarmSyncModuleMetadata
Represents the Web Farm Synchronization module metadata.
Public classWebFarmSyncUsageDataSource
Module usage data for web farms.
Public classWebFarmSynchroTask
Scheduler task, synchronize tasks for all enabled servers.
Public classWebFarmTask
Web farm task implementation
Public classWebFarmTaskInfo
WebFarmTaskInfo data container class.
Public classWebFarmTaskInfoProvider
Class providing WebFarmTaskInfo management.
Public classWebFarmTaskListInfo
WebFarmTaskListInfo virtual object.
Public classWebFarmTaskManager
Manager of registered web farm tasks
Public classWebFarmUpdaterAsync
Class for run thread with asynchronous data download.
Public classWebSyncHelper
Web sync helper.
Public interfaceIWebFarmUpdater
Defines interface for web farm updaters.