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CMS.SocialMedia Namespace
Public classGooglePlusActivity
GooglePlusActivity class
Public classGooglePlusPerson
GooglePlusPeople class
Public classGooglePlusProvider
GooglePlusProvider class
Public classLinkedInCompany
LinkedInCompany class
Public classLinkedInCompanyListInfo
Fake info for list of LinkedIn companies
Public classLinkedInCompanyQuerySource
Data query source for LinkedIn companies
Public classLinkedInProvider
LinkedInProvider class
Public classLinkedInServiceEnhanced
LinkedInServiceEnhanced class
Public classSocialMediaAbstractWebPart
Abstract WP layer ensuring CookieLaw is respected in third party WPs
Public classSocialMediaHelper
Helper methods for social media services.
Public classSocialMediaModule
Represents the Social Media module.
Public classSocialMediaModuleMetadata
Represents the Social Media module metadata.
Public classTokenManager
TokenManager class