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CMS.MembershipProvider Namespace
Public classCMSADMembershipProvider
Active directory membership provider.
Public classCMSADRoleProvider
Active directory role provider.
Public classCMSMembershipHelper
Membership helper.
Public classCMSMembershipProvider
Class providing membership management.
Public classCMSMembershipProviderModule
Represents the Membership provider module module.
Public classCMSMembershipProviderModuleMetadata
Represents the Membership provider module metadata.
Public classCMSMembershipUser
User membership.
Public classCMSOpenIDHelper
OpenID helper class.
Public classCMSRoleProvider
Class providing role management.
Public classFacebookConnectHelper
Helper class providing methods for correct Facebook Connect initialization.
Public classInMemoryTokenManager
InMemoryTokenManager class.
Public classLinkedInHelper
LinkedIn helper class.
Public classWindowsLiveLogin
Class for windows live login authentication.
Public classWindowsLiveLoginUser
Holds the user information after a successful sign-in.