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CMS.LicenseProvider Namespace
Public classCanDisableLicenseCheckAttribute
Marks the method or class as one which can disable the license check
Public classLicenseContext
Request license key values
Public classLicenseHelper
LicenseHelper class.
Public classLicenseCheckDisabler
Allows disabling license checks while calling methods
Public classLicenseKeyInfo
LicenseKeyInfo data container class.
Public classLicenseKeyInfoProvider
Class providing LicenseKeyInfo management.
Public classLicenseModule
Represents the License module.
Public classLicenseModuleMetadata
Represents the License module metadata.
Public classRentedUpdater
Class representing update logic for rented licenses.
Public enumerationLicenseValidationEnum
Type of license validity.
Public enumerationPackagesEnum
License packages type enumeration.
Public enumerationProductEditionEnum
License types.