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CMS.IO Namespace
Public classAbstractDirectory
Abstract class for directory providers.
Public classAbstractFile
Abstract class for file providers.
Public classAbstractStorageProvider
Abstract storage provider
Public classDirectory
Envelope for Directory classes
Public classDirectoryHelper
Directory management methods.
Public classDirectoryInfo
Exposes instance methods for creating, moving, and enumerating through directories and subdirectories.
Public classFile
Envelope for File classes
Public classFileDebug
File debug methods
Public classFileInfo
Provides instance methods for the creation, copying, deletion, moving, and opening of files, and aids in the creation of FileStream objects.
Public classFileStream
Exposes a stream around a file, supporting both synchronous and asynchronous read and write operations.
Public classGeneralStream
Envelope for CMS.IO stream objects. It can be used in third party libraries as standard System.IO.Stream but with CMS.IO.Stream behaviour.
Public classIOModule
Represents the IO module.
Public classIOModuleMetadata
Represents the IO module metadata.
Public classIOProviderName
Type of the IO operation (provider enumeration).
Public classMemoryStream
Envelope for System.IO.MemoryStream.
Public classPath
Performs operations on String instances that contain file or directory path information.
Public classStorageHelper
Class for.
Public classStorageProvider
Storage provider
Public classStorageTaskType
Web farm task types for IO operations
Public classStream
Provides a generic view of a sequence of bytes.
Public classStreamReader
Represents a reader that can read a sequential series of characters.
Public classStreamWrapper
Envelope for System.IO.Stream object.
Public classStreamWriter
Represents a writer that can write a sequential series of characters.
Public classStringReader
CMS.IO StringReader wrapper for System.IO.StringReader.
Public classStringWriter
CMS.IO StringWriter wrapper for System.IO.StringWriter.
Public classVirtualPathHelper
Virtual path provider helper.
Public classVirtualPathLog
Helper class used for logging virtual path operations
Public classZipProviderLoader
Zip provider loader class
Public classZipStorageProvider
ZIP storage provider
Public interfaceIVirtualFileObject
Virtual file object interface, represents object used for DbVirtualFile logic
Public interfaceIVirtualPathProvider
Virtual path provider interface.
Public enumerationFileAccess
File access options.
Public enumerationFileAttributes
Provides attributes for files and directories.
Public enumerationFileMode
Specifies how the operating system should open a file.
Public enumerationFileShare
Enumeration for file sharing options.
Public enumerationSearchOption
Enum of options for IO search capabilities.
Public enumerationSeekOrigin
Provides the fields that represent reference points in streams for seeking.