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CMS.Helpers Namespace
Public classAbstractOutputFile
Abstract output file with the base functionality.
Public classAbstractStockHelperHelperType
Abstract class for the stock helpers
Public classAJAXHelper
AJAX helper.
Public classAttachmentHelper
Methods to work with the files representing attachments.
Public classAudioVideoParameters
Class providing audio/video parameters.
Public classBrowserHelper
Browser helper methods.
Public classCacheDebug
Cache debug methods
Public classCacheDependencyCallbackTTarget
Wrapper class for a weakly referenced callback for the cache helper
Public classCacheDependencyList
List of the cache dependencies.
Public classCachedSection
Cached section context handler.
Public classCachedSectionTData
Cached section context handler.
Public classCacheHelper
Cache helper. Overridable helper
Public classCacheItemContainer
Container for the cache item.
Public classCacheOperation
Cache operation names
Public classCacheSettings
Cache settings container.
Public classCacheSynchronization
Provides support for cache web farm synchronization
Public classCacheTaskType
Web farm task types for Cache operations
Public classCMSCacheDependency
Establishes a dependency relationship between an item stored in ASP.NET application's cache and a file, cache key, an array of either or another dependency object. This class monitors the dependency relationship so that when any of them changes, the cache item will be automatically removed.
Public classCMSCssSettings
Settings for the CSS
Public classCMSHttpContext
Provides an instance of the HttpContextBase class associated with the current request.
Public classCMSItem
Class to specify single item with name or ID
Public classCMSOutputResource
Output container for cached text resources. Supports minification and compression.
Public classComparisonTextPart
Class suitable for comparing 2 TextData, contains index to both source and destination string.
Public classComponentEvents
Events that serve for communication of the components within the system.
Public classContainerCustomData
Custom data container for data container.
Public classContentCodingEnum
Contains enumeration of supported HTTP content codings used for content compression (RFC 2616).
Public classContextHelper
Wrapper around RequestStockHelper, SessionHelper and CookieHelper to access the context values. It always uses the case sensitive keys.
Public classConversionService
Service which converts object to specific types
Public classCookieHelper
Provides the cookie management methods.
Public classCookieLevel
Constants for the system cookie levels
Public classCookieName
System cookie name constants
Public classCookieSettings
Cookie settings
Public classCSSHelper
Utility methods for CSS manipulation.
Public classCultureHelper
Provides the global methods for culture helping operations.
Public classCustomData
Custom data container.
Public classDataHelper
Methods to work with the Data.
Public classDateTimeHelper
Methods to work with the DateTime.
Public classDefaultCssMinifier
Provides the default implementation of CSS minification that returns unmodified input.
Public classDefaultJavaScriptMinifier
Provides the default implementation of JavaScript minification that returns unmodified input.
Public classDiffTextPart
This class conatins reference to appropriate source string including its difference status.
Public classDiscussionMacroHelper
Methods for resolving macros within discussion posts.
Public classDiscussionMacroResolver
Methods for resolving macros within discussion posts.
Public classDocumentationHelper
Helper methods for documentation links.
Public classDummyItem
Dummy item.
Public classEncryptionHelper
Provides validation RSA singed license key.
Public classEnumDefaultValueAttribute
Marks the enum value as the default value for the containing enum type.
Public classEnumHelper
Provides helper methods for working with the Enum types.
Public classEnumOrderAttribute
Specifies the order for an enum field.
Public classEnumStringRepresentationAttribute
Specifies the string representation for an enum field.
Public classEnumStringRepresentationExtensions
Provides extension methods for working with the Enum types.
Public classFileHelper
File helper methods.
Public classFilterState
Represents a state of the filter control.
Public classFixXHTMLSettings
Container for the XHTML fixing settings.
Public classFlashParameters
Class providing flash parameters.
Public classHashSettings
Hash settings container
Public classHashValidationSalts
This class contains constants with
Public classHelpersExtensions
Extension methods.
Public classHelpersModule
Represents the helpers module.
Public classHelpersModuleMetadata
Represents the helpers module metadata.
Public classHTMLHelper
HTML utility methods.
Public classHTMLTextDiffList
Creates two difference lists for strings containing HTML markup.
Public classHTTPHelper
Provides the methods for the safe access to the HTTPContext.Current.
Public classIconParameters
Container class used in situations when you need to display icon (document type, mime type, ...) and it is possible to display it as image or font icon based on data and circumstances.
Public classImageHelper
Class providing methods for image processing.
Public classImageHelperOctreeQuantizer
Quantize using an Octree.
Public classImageHelperQuantizer
Summary description for Class1.
Public classImageParameters
Class providing image parameters.
Public classLoremIpsumGenerator
Lorem ipsum text generator.
Public classMediaHelper
Class providing helper methods for media. Overridable helper
Public classMimeTypeHelper
Mime type helper.
Public classNoDataException
Thrown during data export when no data are available for export.
Public classObjectArrayComparer
Object array comarer.
Public classObjectArrayComparerT
Object array comparer. Compares 2 lists just by string at index set in ComparableIndex property.
Public classObjectParameters
Object parameters container.
Public classPageContext
Provides helper methods for current page events and settings
Public classPageHelper Obsolete.
Provides helper methods for current page events and settings
Public classPermissionException
Permission exception.
Public classPersistentCacheItemDataType
Class to cover the cache item with all its information
Public classPersistentStorageHelper
Persistent storage management.
Public classPreferredCultureOnDemand
Encapsulates the site name but doesn't request it until it is demanded by Value.
Public classProjectHelper
Class provides helper methods used during installation and import/export process.
Public classQRCodeSettings
Contains settings for the QR code generator
Public classQueryHelper
QueryString helper methods.
Public classRegexHelper
Regular expression helper.
Public classRegistryHelper
Registry access methods.
Public classRequestContext
Request context properties
Public classRequestDebug
Request debug methods
Public classRequestHelper
Request helping methods.
Public classRequestStockHelper
Inserts items into HttpContext.Current.Items.
Public classRequestStockItemName
Contains system request stock item names.
Public classResHelper
Provides methods to provide localized resource strings
Public classResponseDataSender
Class that writes data to the given context's response and handles multipart and range requests.
Public classScriptHelper
Utility methods for script manipulation.
Public classSecurityDebug
Security debug methods
Public classSecurityHelper
Contains methods for ensuring security
Public classSerializableInnerType
Serializable representation of the string
Public classSessionHelper
Session management.
Public classSystemHelper
System operations.
Public classTextData
Class for storing Text data for comparison.
Public classTextDataComparator
Divide TextData into pieces according to their resemblance.
Public classTextDiffList
Class for comparison 2 TextData, contains 2 lists of differences.
Public classTextHelper
Contains various methods for text formatting and transformation.
Public classTextPart
General TextPart referencing to index of original Data as a start of TextPart.
Public classTrackableT
Defines a base class for the classes that can be tracked
Public classTrackedSection
Defines a concurrent section within the code
Public classUIHelper
UI helper methods.
Public classURLHelper
Url processing methods.
Public classURLParameters
Class providing url parameters.
Public classUserDataInfo
Custom data container.
Public classValidationHelper
Global class providing Validation methods.
Public classValidator
Provides fluent interface for validation of user input.
Public classVirtualContext
Stores the virtual context for the current request
Public classWebFarmHelper
Web farm helper
Public classWindowHelper
Window objects management.
Public classXmlHelper
Class providing xml validation methods.
Public classYouTubeVideoParameters
Class providing YouTube video parameters.
Public interfaceICacheDependencyCallback
Interface which allows the object to execute a PerformCallback method when the object is removed from the cache if the cache dependency has changed
Public interfaceICssMinifier
Represents a contract of CSS minification services.
Public interfaceIJavaScriptMinifier
Represents a contract of JavaScript minification services.
Public interfaceIPersistentCacheItem
Cache item interface
Public interfaceIQRCodeGenerator
Interface for QR code generator
Public interfaceIReadOnlyFlag
ObjectDataSet interface
Public interfaceIResourceMinifier
Defines an interface a compliant minifier must implement to be usable in resource handler.
Public enumerationCaseRedirectEnum
Letter case and redirection options for URLs.
Public enumerationComparisonStatus
Type of TextPart match against other string enumeration.
Public enumerationComparisonTextPartSortBy
Type of TextPart sorting enumeration.
Public enumerationConvertTableEnum
Table to DIV conversion setting enum
Public enumerationCutTextEnum
Defines the cut location for the text when shortened
Public enumerationDataExportFormatEnum
Defines formats available for functionality of DataExportHelper.
Public enumerationDiffStatus
Type of TextPart difference against other string enumeration.
Public enumerationDiscussionActionEnum
Discussion action enumeration.
Public enumerationDocumentMarkEnum
Document mark type.
Public enumerationExcludedSystemEnum
Enumeration for excluded pages by the system.
Public enumerationFontIconSizeEnum
Font icon size enumeration.
Public enumerationIEArchitectureEnum
Internet Explorer architecture enum.
Public enumerationImageHelperImageFlipEnum
Enumeration used to specify flipping axis.
Public enumerationImageHelperImagePositionEnum
Enumeration of the image positioning within another image or object.
Public enumerationImageHelperImageRotationEnum
Enumeration used to specify angle for image rotation.
Public enumerationImageHelperImageTrimAreaEnum
Enumeration used to specify trimming area.
Public enumerationImageHelperImageTypeEnum
Available image types.
Public enumerationImageHelperSupportedTypesEnum
Supported image types for conversion.
Public enumerationImageResizeEnum
Image resize enumeration.
Public enumerationMediaTypeEnum
Enumeration defining the type of the media file.
Public enumerationOptInApprovalResultEnum
General enumeration for opt-in validation results
Public enumerationRequestStatusEnum
URL rewriting results enum.
Public enumerationSecurityAccessEnum
General access enumeration.
Public enumerationSourcePointTypeEnum
Graph source point type enumeration.
Public enumerationSplitModeEnum
Split mode enumeration for frameset split view control.
Public enumerationTextComparisonModeEnum
Type of comparison in which should be compared text treated.
Public enumerationTextComparisonTypeEnum
Type of rendered diff text.
Public enumerationTrailingSlashEnum
Trailing slash enumeration.
Public enumerationUserAgentEnum
User agent enum.
Public enumerationValidityEnum
Validity period enumeration.